Fun Snack Ideas

Here are some fun snack ideas to get your kiddos to gobble up their food and not realize they are eating super healthy while they do it!  Perfect for after-school snacks for those hungry little learners!

Ants on a log and ladybug apple Ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, raisins) Ladybug Apple (apple, chocolate chips, grape, carrot silvers)

Hillbilly Teeth Snack

Apple slices, peanut butter & mini marshmallows (if a peanut allergy you could use cream cheese)

Hotair Balloon Snack

Strawberries, bananas, peppers, carrots for the basket, string cheese for the ropes, graham cracker, carrots & raisin pieces for the basket & riders, cottage cheese for the clouds) 

Sailboat Snack

Cottage Cheese tinted blue with food coloring for the water, sweet peppers for the boats filled with hummus, pretzel stick & whole grain bread for the sail. Teddy Bear Graham Crackers

Graham crackers for the head, big marshmallow (melted just a bit) for the face, mini marshmallows for the ears, mini chocolate chips for the eyes and regular chocolate chips for the nose.  I used chocolate syrup and a toothpick to make the lines under the nose! Ice Cream Cone Snack Cups

Mini ice cream cones filled with fish crackers, cheerios, popcorn & m&m’s!

Caterpillar Grapes Grapes on a skewer, mini chocolate chips for the eyes put on with yogurt!

Snail Snack

Snail & Caterprillar!  Celery bodies, fill with peanut butter & piped on the snail shell, carrot sticks for the antane & caterpillars legs, raisins for eyes, yellow starbursts for the top of the snail shell & a blue air heads for the eyes…I just cut the candy and rolled it in my hands to make them little balls.

Stoplight Snacks

Stoplight Graham Cracker Snacks – graham crackers, chocolate frosting, red, yellow and green M&M’s.  You could also put them on a popsicle stick with a dab of chocolate frosting as the glue! 🙂  The kids have a blast making their own!!
Wall-e snack

Wall-E Snack – Graham Cracker, Balogna, Pretzel Sticks, Banana’s & blue M&M’s!

Butterfly Snack

Butterfly Snack – Great for breakfast!  Toast, Banana’s, Mini Chocolate Chips, Strawberries, Oranges, Pretzel Sticks & M&M’s!

Scooter Snack

Scooter Snack – Perfect for Afterschool!  Cucumbers, Cheesestick, Pretzels & cream cheese (for the glue)!

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Garden & Playhouse Transformation

Thinking of building a garden or have a playhouse that needs some TLC…here is some inspiration for you! Last year I saw a cute idea for a fun painted fence around a garden on Pinterest and soon put my husband to work!  I was in charge of picking out the fun colors and he was in charge of building me my dream fence…we already had the garden (see the before and after pictures)!  My plan was to have him paint it with the fun colors I picked out but he quickly informed me that it was my project…my paint job!  UGH!  Anyway…it turned out super cute!  So cute in fact, I decided to paint the kids’ playhouse the same colors…boy is my backyard bright!!!  This year we even included flower boxes for herbs off the side of the deck…and we spray painted them purple to match!  Such fun!!!  

Here is the before:

Garden Before

 And After a little blood, sweat, tears and lots of bright paint…

Garden After

 How our garden grew…


Can hardly wait to plant again this year…like I said, we moved our herbs (Basil, Cilantro & Parsley) up on the deck in flower boxes that way we have more room for veggies this year!!!

Here is the before and after of the kiddos playhouse…we only had it a year and with the wonderful Iowa winter it looked pretty rough…I splashed on a little paint and a few fun stencils and it looks just like new!!!

Here is the day we got it and put it together (I don’t have a picture of how weathered it was before we painted it)!

Playhouse Before

Playhouse After

 Hope I helped inspire you to throw a little splash of color in your life!!! 🙂

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