Teddy Bear Picnic

There is no better way to enjoy an beautiful sunny day then on a blanket spread out on the bight green grass, a picnic basket full of yummy food and your favorite Teddy bear (of course)! That’s just what we did today to ring in the Memorial Day weekend a few days early…why not right!

Here the invitation we made and we sent them home with our daycare friends!!

Teddy Bear Picnic Invite

The kids and I made bear shaped cookies using peanut butter cookie dough, M&M’s for the eyes and a chocolate chip for the nose!  Too cute and super easy!  They loved rolling the big ball for the head, smashing it down lightly with the bottom of a cup and then rolling two little balls for each of the ears!  Most of them look like bears, a couple could pass for Mickey Mouse and I do believe I saw a Monkey in the batch as well! 🙂


We made little Teddy Bear cars using miniature Milky Way candy bars, we cut a slit in the top of the candy bar and put in a Teddy Graham in the slit, then we used chocolate frosting as glue and put on 4 M&M’s for the wheels!  Super cute!


We made Teddy Bears in sleeping bags by taking a graham cracker, a Teddy Graham (or 2…depending if you want a single or double bed) and wrapped them both up with a fruit roll up!


We also made Teddy Bear sandwiches…these were the easiest yet!  We used a Teddy Bear shaped cookie cutter and filled with whatever the kids wanted!


Teddy Bear Picnic - Website 1

Teddy Bear Picnic Website 2

Happy Picnicing!!!!

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50 Days of Summer Fun

Looking for some ideas and activities to do this summer?  The weather is heating up and the final school bells are ringing…it won’t be long before the kids are saying, “I’m bored!”  This 50 Days of summer list is full of ideas to keep your kids busy crossing things off their list as they are occupied experiencing all sorts of fun summer activities!  Make it a family activity and see how many of these you can check off and what fun things you can add to the list?!  I even included a free printable list for you to print off for the bulletin board or fridge!

One of my favorite parts about this list it doesn’t matter if you have a toddler or school aged kids almost all of the things on the list fun regardless of age!  My family is starting today!

1. Make Friendship Bracelets

2. Create a Water Obstacle Course (Click here for some simple fun ideas)

3. Have a Water Balloon Fight (or make these fun sponge bombs)

4. Watch Fireworks / Attend a Parade

5. Have a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

6. Have Breakfast for Supper

7. Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

8. Build a Fort

9. Backyard Movie – with Popcorn (or an indoor drive in movie)

10. Make Ice Cream Sundaes (cute ice cream sundae bar idea)

11. Go on a Nature Hike

12. Dust off those Board / Card Games

13. Find a Kids / Parents Race (Google races in your area)

14. Catch Lightening Bugs

15. See how many Parks you can find (Just google parks in your area)

16. Have a Family Baseball Game

17. Go to the Zoo

18. Have a Lemonade Stand / Bake Sale (Check out these adorable ideas to make your stand pop)

19. Go on a Scavenger Hunt (Simple Nature hunt found here)

20. Visit the Library

21. Make Cookies (My kids favorite Monster Cookies)

22. Go to the Beach

23. Host a “half” Sleep Over (Daytime Sleepover ideas)

24. Make Popsicles (Here’s a fun recipe)

25. Stay Up Late

26. Play with Play Dough (Koolaid Play Dough recipe)

27. Make Sidewalk Chalk (Easy Sidewalk Chalk recipe)

28. Get out the Paints

29. Camp Out in the Backyard (Some cute ideas)

30. Roast Marshmallows / Make Smores

31. Have a PJ Day

32. Dance in the Rain

33. Make Rootbeer Floats

34. Go Roller Skating

35. Go to the Farmer’s Market

36. Go Fishing or Hiking

37. Send a Letter to Grandma and/or Grandpa

38. Make Homemade Bubbles (Click here for a bubble recipe)

39. Pizza Party (Check out this adorable Pizza Party)

40. Go Miniature Golfing

41. Make a Puppet Show (Puppet Show Inspiration)

42. Paint with Pudding (So much fun)

43. Run through Sprinklers

44. Do a Science Experiment (Check out these fun Experiments)

45. Play Flashlight Tag

46. Go Star Gazing / Watch the Sunrise

47. Make Slushies (Fun recipe using Kool-Aid here)

48. Play on the Waterslide

49. Make Paper Airplanes (Need directions, click here)

50. Have a Back to School Party (fun party ideas here)

Right click on the 50 Days of Summer List above, save on your computer and print! Hang it on your bulletin board or fridge!

Make sure and Pin this on Pinterest using the Pin It button, so you can refer back to all the great ideas!

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Teacher Appreciation Gift

Flower Pot

I made this last year for my son’s Kindergarten teacher and she loved it!  It could be a teacher appreciation gift, end of year gift, mother’s day gift, get well gift, just because…you name it!

I just took a terracotta pot from the local craft store and painted the base pink, after it dried I used a stencil to paint his teachers initial on it in black, then I used different color paints & a round paint sponge and randomly placed painted dots around the pot.  I found some ABC ribbon at local craft store and hot glued it around the rim.  I made a flower on my computer and printed it on card stock that says “Thank you for helping me Bloom this year”, and attached it to a craft stick, planted a cute plant and stuck the craft stick in the dirt!  That’s it…super easy and super cute!

He actually gave this to her for an end of year gift but if you use it for a Teacher Appreciation gift you could take off the part that says “this year” and just have it say “Thank you for helping me “Bloom”…or Grow”!

Flower Pot 2

From what I heard she loved it as much as I loved making it for her…teachers are such a huge part of our children’s lives and do so much to help them really “Bloom” into young adults, it’s the least I could do for her!

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Mother’s Day Flower Pot

Mother's Day Gift I made these last year for my mother in law and my grandma for Mother’s Day!  This was before I had my website, so sadly ~ I didn’t take anymore pictures then this but I can list everything I used and explain how to do it!  These would be perfect gifts for any occasion…teacher appreciation gifts (you could print off fun classroom type images), birthday gift for a friend, etc!  Tip:  Pick out a plant or flower that can grow inside…the outside heat will discolor the pictures and it won’t look so pretty!

What you need:

  • Terracotta Pot
  • Potting Soil
  • Plant / Flower
  • Pictures (printed on computer paper)
  • Acrylic Sealer
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Ribbon & Flower (If desired)


How I did it:  I printed off various pictures of my kiddos…I made them black and white but you could also use color!  The initial on the front is also just printed on regular computer paper from my computer.  After all your pictures are cut out spray them with a Clear Acrylic Sealer (I use the Mod Podge brand).  I found this helps seal the pictures so the colors won’t bleed when you apply the Mod Podge glue.  After they have dried the fun part is puzzling them around the terracotta pot so they all fit!  When you find a perfect spot for one then apply a thin layer of Mod Podge glue to the back of the picture and simply stick it on the pot where you want it.  Continue to do this with all the pictures puzzling them on.  Once they are all in place take the Mod Podge glue, a paint brush and apply a thin layer around the whole pot to seal in the pictures!!  Wait a few hours or even a whole day until the glue has dried and apply another thin layer…I would repeat this process 3 to 4 times!

Once all layers of Mod Podge glue have dried you can hot glue a ribbon to the top of the pot and even attach a flower like I did (sorry the picture is a little blurry)!  I found my flower at the local craft store in the dollar section. Plant your flower or plant and it’s ready to give!

Mother's Day Gift 2


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