May Day Baskets

May Day Baskets

My daughter and I are in production…of 2013 May Day Baskets that is!  I didn’t want to use the normal “Solo Cups” this year but just didn’t know what else to use.  I ran to the local party store looking for individual candy so I could make some cute catepillar’s out of gum balls , butterfly’s out of suckers & flowers out of Rolo candies and ran across adorable little popcorn bags that were only 5 for .99!  I only needed 15 bags so instead of buying a huge bag of fun colored Solo Cups at Costco for much more than $3.00…I couldn’t pass it up!


My daughter loved helping me and it made the production go that much faster!!!

SONY DSC I used my Silhouette to cut out flowers, we attached a Rolo candy with a glue dot and then attached a popsicle craft stick behind it with another glue dot for the stem!

SONY DSC I also cut butterfly’s out with my Silhouette (you could cut these out with scissors as well), we attached the sucker to the butterfly with a glue dot and attached googly eyes with glue dots as well!  To get these to stick up out of the bags I used a straw (cut it a bit on the end) and put the sucker stick down in the straw hole!  My daughter had fun coloring a couple but then got bored!


I cut the leaves free handed, I used green construction paper and folded it like an accordion.  I cut a leaf shape out and it made 6 identical leaf’s…so easy!  We attached gum balls with glue dots to look like a caterpillar and attached googly eyes with glue dots.  I attached a green popsicle craft stick to the back with glue dots to make it more sturdy!

SONY DSC I put initial stickers for the neighborhood kiddos and my daycare kiddos on each bag to give it a little personalized pop!  I used my computer to type “Happy May Day” on the flowers and cut them out with scissors and attached them to the front of the bags with glue dots.  I also attached handles with pipe cleaner…I just used a paper punch to make a hole on each side of the bag and twisted the pipe cleaner through!

SONY DSC We filled them up with popcorn, candy & our fun little caterpillars, butterflies & flowers in each bag! Since it is suppose to rain here and get cold tomorrow (Iowa weather I tell ya), I put them in cellophane bags (found at the dollar store) so they won’t get wet and if they happen to tip over when my kids deliver them the candy and popcorn won’t spill out!

That’s it…now they are ready to be delivered tomorrow!  Not sure if everyone does May Day Baskets the same but my kiddos will put them on their neighborhood friends’ doorstep, ring the doorbell and run like crazy so they don’t get caught!  They may never know who it’s from!  SO MUCH FUN!

May Baskets

Here is the version we did last year!

May Baskets 2014

Everything purchased from the Dollar Store!

What I used:

  • Mini Planters
  • Seed Packets
  • Colorful Spring Suckers
  • Gummy Frogs & Gummy Worms
  • Strawberry Candy
  • Flower Shaped Hard Candy
  • Plastic goody bags to put them in
  • Ribbon & Happy May Day Tag I created to tie on the bags

So fun and SO cute!

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Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

My daughter and I were on a mission and that mission was to make a Fairy Garden! We saw one last spring on the porch of one of my Avon customers last year and had to ask her how she made it.  She told us she had gotten most of her supplies at the local dollar stores & craft stores over the years when she would see cute stuff on sale.  So…my daughter and I went to a few of these craft stores thinking we could find little fairy’s and fairy trinkets to put in our garden…we were wrong!  After about 3 stores of searching (we did find a few doll house trinkets…a bench, a silver pot & a cute wooden heart wreath) so we decided to hit the local gardening store!  JACKPOT…we walked in the door and right up front they had a huge display of tons of fairy gardens and all the supplies to make your own!  We had so much fun picking out all the trinkets and even more fun creating ours! It turned out SO adorable!!!!  My favorite is the little star lights, they shine so bright at night!!!

Here’s what you need:

  • Pot or container for your garden (you can use anything…barrel, terracotta pot, flower pot you have stored in the attic, etc)
  • Potting soil
  • Mini Plants
  • Fairy & Fairy Trinkets

If your local gardening store doesn’t have any fairy supplies or trinkets…you can also find them online.  I searched on Amazon and found a lot…I just couldn’t wait for them to ship so we had to buy ours local

Fairy Garden Collage - Website

I took a few pictures of the ones I saw at the local gardening store so we had some ideas of how we wanted to place everything…however, we ended up moving it all around until we got it just the way we liked it anyway!

Fairy Garden Collage 2 - Website Absolutely priceless!  I told my daughter she was in charge of spraying the mini plants with water every day…I caught her about every hour going out on the front porch to check it out and spray it down!  She woke up first thing this morning and ran out to make sure everything was still in it’s place!  It was such a fun & memorable project, one we will continue to create every single year to come!

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