Welcome Summer

What kid wouldn’t love an end of year or “Welcome Summer” party on the last day of school?  Well, that is just what we did last year for my sons last day of 1st grade!!!

The morning started with a fun breakfast with a smiley face pancake and note telling my big boy to have an awesome last day of school!  I then got out my colors and made a huge sign that read “Welcome Summer” and hung it on the front porch for him to run through when he got out of school!  On the back deck I had tons of water balloons ready to launch at his brothers and sisters and neighborhood friends!  We then topped the evening off with some yummy fresh popped popcorn, candy & an evening on the lawn watching a movie under the stars with all the neighborhood friends!  What a perfect day/evening it was!!!  Now….what to do this year…only a few weeks left, I best put my thinking cap on!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!

Welcome Summer

Welcome Summer page 2

I hope I helped inspire you to have a little end of year party for your kiddos!!!  Could be as simple as a pitcher of lemonade and fresh cookies waiting for them on the front porch with a smaller version of “Welcome Summer” sign.  Anything to get a huge smile on the faces of those little ones and welcome summer with open arms! 🙂

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Stoplight Graham Cracker Snacks


What a great way to teach those kiddos traffic safety…also great for a cars themed birthday party!

Here is what you need:

  • Graham Crackers
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Red, Yellow & Green M&M’s
  • Popsicle sticks (Optional)

Spread the graham cracker with chocolate frosting, top with a Red, Yellow and Green M&M.  If you want them on a stick…dab on some chocolate frosting on the top of the stick (as glue) and stick on the graham cracker!   The kids have a blast making their own!!

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Appreciation Candy Bar Wrappers

CB - Page 001

I have a confession to make…I love chocolate!!!! I must of inherited this guiltless pleasure from my mother who had stashes of chocolate hidden all over the house.  In drawers, on top of cupboards, in her sock drawer…just to name a few.  She would have to find new hiding places constantly as my 3 sisters and I were always finding her secret stash!

While I was trying to decide what teacher appreciation gifts to get for my kids’ teachers this year I came across this site on Our Best Bites (awesome website) that incorporates my love for chocolate (and most women’s love for that matter) and an adorable free candy bar wrapper printable to boot!  Perfect!!!!  I ran to the store and picked the best chocolate bars I could find “Ghirardelli”, downloaded the free printable (I actually jazzed mine up a bit and personalized them) and now I am ready to have my kids hand these delicious treats to their teachers!  My son’s last day of Religious Education is this Sunday so his teachers are taken care of and in May I will print some more for their preschool & elementary teachers as well!

Teacher Appreciate Candy Bar Bars - Page 001


CB - Page 001

Teacher Appreciate Candy Bar Bars - Page 001

Here is the site to download the printable again…Our Best Bites!  If you would like it personalized…just shoot me an email at jamie@onecrazymama.com!  I will personalize it however you like and send you the file to print right on your computer!!

Or…you could leave a little white space at the top or bottom to hand write a little personalized note right on it if you wish! 🙂


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