Fun Halloween Food

Over the years I have made tons of fun Halloween themed food!  Luckily…I was smart enough to take picture of all my creations!  I hope to inspire you this Halloween with some of the fun foods I have made!

When I got to a party I always get a request for me to bring my Vegetable Pizza…I decided to jazz it up a bit!!  So much fun!  Get the recipe here!

Vegetable Pizza

We always have a festive Halloween themed pizza for beggar’s night…something easy and fun to warm up my kiddos bellies before we hit the chilly streets begging for candy!!! For this ghost I just used a Pillsbury pizza crust tube and shaped it the best I could into a ghost and used turkey pepperoni for the eyes and spooky mouth!

Ghost Pizza

Adults and kids alike love little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls!  Yummy!!!  Dot with mustard for the eyes (ketchup doesn’t show up)!  Slice crescent rolls into thin like snakes and wrap around the bottom 3/4 of the smokie.  Leave a little spot for the eyes and wrap on a little hat!

Mummy Dogs Pumpkin and Owl Pizza…I just removed the pepperoni from a couple frozen pizzas and got out my scissors!!  I used a broccoli stem for the pumpkin!  I didn’t cook it with the stem on…just placed it there after I baked it!

Pumpkin and Owl Pizzas

Breadstick bones and blood dip!!!  The kids loved these!!!  I just used pillsbury dough and shaped the best I could into bones.  Used spaghetti sauce for the marinara!


Fun after school snack!!!  String cheese fingers with almond slice finger nails…super easy!!

Witch Fingers

Another great afterschool snack!  String Cheese with slices to make a broom, a pretzel stick and I wrapped it together with a chive from my garden!  The spiders are mini crackers with peanut butter in the middle (of you could use cheese), chow mein nooodles for the legs and mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

Witches Brooms and Spiders

My kids loved helping me make these fun kitty and mummy pizzas!  Again I used Pillsbury ready made pizza dough.  I used a little extra dough and shaped them into ears for the kitty, I used carrot slices for the whiskers and pepperoni for the eyes nose and mouth.  For the mummy just lay the cheese in stripes if possible to resemble the mummy wrap…it kind of all melts together (maybe try taking it out before it’s completely melted)!

Kitty and Mummy Pizzas

White chocolate dipped pretzels…used food coloring to make it orange and a green mini M&M stuck sideways in the top of the pretzels indentation.  We did use some Halloween sprinkles on some! 🙂 Pumpkins

So we didn’t eat them all…we packaged some up and handed them out to the neighbors. Pumpkins Pkg

Cute idea for a party…Bugles for witches fingernails!  My sisters and I used to pretend that’s what they were when we were little by putting them on all of our finger tips!!

Witches Fingernails

I made these a couple times!  The first time was for my daughter to hand out to all of her preschool friends as a Halloween treat! The second time was for my daughters Halloween birthday party…we had a spooky Halloween scavenger hunt and it was the prize at the end for all the kiddos!  They loved it!!  What I did was take a Hershey’s candy bar, wrap it around from bottom to top with white streamers and secure it with tape, then glue dotted on some googly eyes! That’s it!

Mummy Candybars

Another cute idea for your kiddo to take to hand out to his or her school friends!  Pumpkin poop (cheese balls)!  Interested in a bag topper…msg me!!

Pumpkin Poop

I love to make themed lunches for my boys to take to school!!  Leftover bone, pretzels and marshmallows for more bones and a mini hershey bar wrapped like a mummy. Halloween Lunch

Pumpkin shaped cheese sandwich with cheese for the eyes, nose and mouth. Halloween Lunch 2

My kids and I made these for their school and neighbor friends…we had so much fun we even made a bunch to hand out to the trick or treaters…boy did they love them!!  Interested in a tag like the one pictured…send me a msg! Suckers
Lunch Another fun lunch…cookie cutters for the bats & cat!

7 layer dip with some Halloween flare!!!  I just followed a basic recipe (found anywhere on the web).  I made sure the top layer was guacamole and I layered the cheese around the rim so I had a big open space for a web.  I put sour cream in a pipping bag and just started making circles to look like a web.  Then I topped it with a plastic spider! 🙂 Dip

Ghost & mummy pretzels!!  Melt almond bark or candy quick and roll the tops of the pretzel rods until coated.  For the ghosts use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and for the mummy’s use a piping bag (or make your own with a ziplock baggy and snip a small hole in the corner) to make squiggly lines going across to resemble a mummy!  I used candy googly eyes I found at the craft store!

Ghosts and Mummys

This is a little gross but I had to do it!  Bloody Finger (Hot dog, ketchup and an almond slice)!  Sure to disgust a few guests at your Halloween party!

Finger Hotdog

I love this…however, my skeleton was a little too long for the bread coffin but it still was a hit!!  Just find a square piece of bread, dig out the insides a little and fill with your dip (mine is spinach dip but any dip will work)!  Use the bread you dug out for your guests to use with the dip!  I also added some crackers and pita chips for a variety!

Spinach Dip Coffin

Witch Hat cookies!  These are super easy and a perfect for the kiddos to create on their own (even those with super short attention spans)!!  You need: Striped Shortbread Cookies, Hershey Kisses, Frosting, Peanut Butter (optional) and yellow food coloring!  Use the frosting to glue the Hershey Kiss on the middle of the cookie (turned upside down-use chocolate side).  My son decided to use peanut butter for his glue as he is a Reese’s Peanut Butter anything fanatic!!  Once the Hershey Kiss is placed in the middle take a piping bag (or ziplock baggy with a snip out of the corner) and pipe a line of yellow tinted frosting around the base of the Hershey kiss…to look like the band of a witches hat. Then pipe on two little dots to resemble buckles…now, eat away!!  I put these in my kiddos lunch today (Beggar’s Night)! 🙂

Witch Hat Cookies

My son has oatmeal every morning for breakfast…tonight is beggar’s night here so I decided to surprise him and spice up his regular ol oatmeal.  He got a kick out of it!  I just stuck in some candy eyes from the craft store!


Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats!!  I just followed the regular Rice Krispy treat recipe but added orange food coloring in with the marshmallows after they were melted, then I added in the rice krispy’s and stirred all up.  Once it cooled enough so I could handle them I buttered my hands and rolled them into little pumpkin shaped balls.  We didn’t have any tootsie rolls on hand for the stems so we used broken pretzel rods.  We then piped on green frosting for the leaves!

Rice Krispies

Quick and Easy Beggar’s Night Dinner…freezer pizza and spiders made out of pepporoni & black olives (you could use green as well and out both colors on the pizza)!

Spider Pizza

Hope I inspired you to make some fun Halloween food for your kids and family!  I can’t wait to start preparing for this year!!!

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