Baseball Breakfast

Saturday morning 8am pictures followed by an early game…boys are going to be hungry! What a perfect breakfast for a sure fire Win at the Ballpark!

Baseball Donuts

I ordered the plain white doughnuts from our local grocery store the day before I needed them.  I planned on piping on the red frosting to look like laces but my husband talked me into just having the bakery do it (to save me time)!  I wasn’t overly impressed with how they piped it on…I showed them what I wanted with actual laces but I guess swirls worked just fine!

Next time I will either do it myself…or be a little more specific!

These were such a huge hit with the boys!  They won their game and swear it was due to the doughnuts (& Sunny D) and now request them at every Saturday morning game! 🙂

For the Sunny D Labels, I used my computer to design them and then used a 2″ punch to punch them out!

I didn’t get a picture of the boys devouring them as my husband (coach) passed them out before I got there.  However, there were leftovers for my daughter! 🙂

Baseball Donuts Ave

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