Floating Heads

I have the perfect spot to hang some spooky ghosts from my front porch.  I set out to the craft store to pick up some round styrofoam balls to make my own fun spooky ghosts!  I picked up 3 of the styrofoam balls and put them in my cart!  I decided I probobly should check the price first…they can’t be much right!  Wrong!  They were like $18 each!  There was no way I was going to spend that much on my 3 ghosts…and that doesn’t include the additinal items I needed to purchase.  I could buy ghosts already made cheaper than I could make them!  I wondered back and forth down the aisle trying to decide what to do..I could come back 3 times and use my 40% off coupon…but I really wanted to make them and get them done!!  I walked past some styrofoam heads that people use for wig mannequins.  I decided what the heck…they were only $4.99 each so I grabbed them up!  I love how they turned out…I have gotten so many compliments on how cool they are and how spooky they look!  Here is how I made mine!


  • Foam Heads, male or female (I got mine at Michaels)
  • FloraCraft® StyroCutter Plus® or a bread knife (I don’t have a Styro Cutter and the knife worked just fine…just cut them outside)
  • 3 yards cheese cloth per head, cut into 2 sections
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • 1 eyelet screws per ghost
  • E6000 glue
  • Fishing line or clear string for making bracelets/necklaces


I think the female heads are a little spookier then the males!

Cut the Necks off

Next grab your bread knife or your FloraCraft® StyroCutter Plus® so that you can trim the neck off of my foam heads.

Heads 3

Now that there is a little nip tuck!

Heads 4

Cut your cheese cloth so that you have two equal portions per ghost.

Take a sponge and spread Modge Podge all over the top of the head.  I wanted the face to show through a little more and be a little more defined so I used a little Mod Podge to adhere the cheese cloth to the face portion of the head.  Drap your cheese cloth over the head, smooth down and press into the Modge Podge with your hand.  Lay on cardboard to dry.

After the ghosts were dry, I used E600 glue to adhere an eyelet screw into the top of the ghost head and then I attached a piece of clear string I had on hand from my kiddos making bracelets…you can also use fishing string.

And now they are ready to hang and spook your neighbors, friends and those little beggars on beggar’s night!

Heads 8

I really do love how creepy they look and blow in the wind.  And I love that none of my neighbors have floating heads like mine!!  (Until they read my blog anyway)! 🙂

Heads 7


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