1st Communion Cookies

I made these awesome Almond Meltaway cookies last week that only lasted a couple days in my house…they were that good!  My son has his 1st communion this weekend and we plan on having family back to our house afterwards for some cake and cookies!  I thought these would be perfect if I decorated them with white frosting and piped a cross on to make them look like actual “hosts”!  They turned out SO cute!  They would also be adorable for a baptism or baby shower!!!

I just used store bought gel for the cross…I used two different kinds a confetti gel & a blue glitter gel!

Host cookies - Page 001

Get the cookie recipe here!


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Magic Seeds

Last year the kiddos planted Magic Jelly Beans on Easter Eve and the smiles on their faces was priceless!  They loved waking up on Easter morning to run outside and see the suckers that grew while they were sleeping!

 I wanted to do something similar this year but not exactly the same.  I happen to find Jelly Belly Peas & Carrots at the local dollar store and decided I would make little seed packets personalized for each kiddo!  I found some awesome carrot shaped candy at the dollar store as well as a bouquet of bunny suckers for each child! 

Here are some awesome pictures I captured of the fun!

Magic Seeds

Magic Seeds 2

Magic Seeds 4

Magic Seeds 5

Magic Seeds 3

Click here for a FREE Magic Jelly Beans Packet printable!

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