Groundhog Donuts

Groundhog Donuts

My son told me this morning “Mom, most people don’t celebrate Groundhog’s Day”! Well, I guess it’s time to start a new family tradition then! Here is what the kids and I made this morning for breakfast! They had a blast and it was super easy and quick (mama likes that)!

SONY DSC This is all you need to create these Punxsutawney Phil masterpieces!!!  Donuts for the dirt and hole!  Scooby snack graham crackers for the body (just trim off the bottom part), edible eyes (you could use whatever you have on hand…raisins, chocolate chips etc), mini chocolate chips for the nose & marshmallows ( cut) for the teeth!  Oh…also, I used peanut butter as the “glue” to make the eyes and nose stick to the graham cracker.  You could also use frosting or nutella!  I liked how the peanut butter matched the graham crackers and it camouflaged a bit!!  The marshmallows stuck good by themselves after I cut them to look like teeth!


When your groundhog’s are assembled just stick inside the hole of the donut and you are done!  Too cute and oh so yummy!  Enjoy!

Complete Phil's!

Now…gobble them up and Enjoy!

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