Tee Pee Treats

Tee Pee Treats

Fun Thanksgiving craft for the kiddos and even better…the minute they are done creating they can dig in and munch away!

What you need:

  • Sugar Cones
  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate frosting or Nutela
  • Candy Sprinkles

Cut a little snip off the top of cone so the pretzels can fit down inside.  Put some chocolate frosting or Nutella on the tip top and on the bottom rim and dip in sprinkles!!!  I didn’t have any on hand but leaf sprinkles would be super cute and festive as well!

My kiddos making their Tee Pee’s


Proud boy!!


Now…time to dig in!!


You could even take this a step further and bake cupcakes inside the cones!!! There are plenty of recipes online you could find if you were interested in doing that! 🙂


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