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Food Fun Projects!

I love to have fun with food and take pictures of it too!  I have 3 kids ages (10, 7 & 5) and each one of them is a super picky eater…but not all in the same way, each one different!  I have spent the last 9 years of my life being a short order cook and am trying to nip that habit in the bud!  I probably should of never started but I couldn’t help it, just wanted them to eat something at least!  In order to get my kiddos to eat I try and make their food fun…making sure I incorporate fruit and veggies in each meal!  However, the reward is usually something a little sugary…I know, don’t judge!  🙂  I do try and make the sugary items from scratch as much as possible and incorporate whole wheat flour, flax seed, wheat germ, shredded zucchini, bananas etc in whenever I can!  Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t!  I get a lot of my ideas off of Pinterest!  I will see a picture and do my best to recreate it and throw in a little of my own flare with what I have on hand in the kitchen that day!

Tips:  Kitchen staples for food fun…pancakes and bologna (you would be amazed at what awesome creations you can make with these round goddess’s)!  Mini chocolate chips & cheese singles (make awesome faces depending if you are doing something sweet or savory)!  Cookie cutters…I have used round measuring cups & little medicine cups to make ears and faces (out of my 150 cookie cutters I don’t have one round, I should probably do something about that)!

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