Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday is March 2nd!  We decided to make it a fun day in honor of the man (I mean Cat) and make some fun food and enjoy a birthday lunch together!!  Here are a few pictures of the fun we had!  The lunch participants included my 3 daycare kiddos and my daughter!  My 2 boys in Kindergarten & 2nd grade got a surprise when they opened their school lunches and had a Dr. Seuss theme in their boxes!
Cat in the Hat 2 We made “Green Eggs & Ham”  (looks more like bacon)!  Took white candy chocolate and melted it, piped it onto two pretzel sticks and plopped on a green M&M.  I did break a little piece of each of the ends off the pretzels as they were a little long!

Cat in the Hat 1 We packaged up the green eggs and ham in some clear treat bags, I created a bag topper and then I glue dotted them onto the bags.  My daughter took them to her friends at preschool…they were a huge hit!  If you are interested in the treat bag topper…. get them here!

Cat in the Hat The kids had a lot of fun making these adorable “Cat Hats”!  Twist off the top of an Oreo, top with a red gummy life savor, pipe on a little white frosting as glue and the white part of the hat (I made some up quick with powdered sugar and milk), repeat the process 2 more times…that’s it!  Super cute!

Cat in the Hat Fruit More “Cat Hats” just a little healthier version!  I used a lollipop stick I got at the craft store and layered on banana and strawberry slices to look like the Cat In The Hat’s stripes!  I have also seen a version of these using marshmallows & red fruit roll-ups!  The kiddos gobbled them up…love watching kids eat their fruit and vegetables (who wouldn’t eat these fun little pops)!

Cat in the Hat Fish One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!!!  I picked up these adorable little fish bowls at the craft store, made some blue jello and when it was almost set stuck in a red Swedish fish!  Super easy and super yummy!

Cat in the hat Kids The kiddos make Truffula trees!  These were so cute and easy!  I picked up sparkly pom poms at the craft store (that I think look just like the Truffula trees)!!  We just stuck a tooth pick in them to make trees and an accent to our Ham sandwiches!  You will see in the next picture!

Cat in the Hat Tuffula Aren’t the trees adorable…I think they were my favorite part of the whole lunch!!  They are stuck in mini ham sandwiches!  We also made green deviled eggs!  I just followed a simple deviled egg recipe and added green gel food coloring and piped them in to look pretty!  The kids actually ate the up…I was surprised!!

Cat in the Hat Fish 2 Gotta have fish crackers…everyone in town must of celebrated with these crackers for Dr. Seuss’s birthday because I had to go to a few stores before I could find someone that had them in stock.  I got the bowl at the craft store for $1!

Cat in the Hat Eggs Egg pops…I made these with the extra white chocolate candy melts I had leftover from the Green Eggs and Ham I made as preschool treats and lollipop sticks.  I packaged some of these up in the clear treat bags, tied with a bow & cute tag and sent them in my 2 boys’ school lunches!  They told me their friends were begging them to share! 🙂

Cat in the Hat Plate of Food Prepared plates….they loved everything and ate it all up, I have NO leftovers!  Awesome!!!

Cat in the Hat Frame

I used a program I have on my computer for all the little table tent cards and this 8×10 I framed for the centerpiece.  I just used a frame I had up in the house for the party and then put it back when I was done!

Cat in the Hat Spread Here it is all put together before they devoured it all!  SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Dr. Suess's Birthday Scrapbook Page

Not only the kids get to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s big day!  Yep, the hubby gets his favorite lunch “Egg Salad” with a little Green Eggs and Ham twist!

Green Eggs Salad This isn’t food but thought I would throw in a Fun craft that fits the theme…have the kiddos trace their hands on construction paper and cut them out.  Draw eyes, mouths and fins on…and maybe add a few bubbles!  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!  How cute!!

Cat in the Hat Fish Craft

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  1. Can you please send me a copy of the Green Eggs & Ham bag topper? I have made them for my sons preschool class, but don’t have anything to put on the bag. Thank you!

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