Groundhog Day Scavenger Hunt

My kids loved this fun scavenger hunt we did last year for Groundhog’s Day! Even better, each clue has a fun fact about Groundhog’s Day!  I even had them each decorate little Groundhog bags and I used them for the final “treasure” at the end of the hunt!!  Each clue even tells you were you should place your next clue…that made it super easy!!!

To get all these clues and printable groundhogs just click here and you will be re-directed to an awesome website called “Preschool Alphabet by Lindsy”!!  These are FREE printables!  There are even some blank ones if you want to make up some of your own clues.

Clue #1 … (Read to the kids) “Today we’re going on a hunt to find a special treasure. Your first clue is … look on the calendar.”


Clue #2 … (Hide the clue on the Feb. 2 square) “February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day. Look on the computer for the next clue.”

SONY DSC Clue #3 … (Have this picture on the screen) “Groundhogs are covered with gray-brown fur. They have short ears, a short tail, short legs and are very quick! Show me how quick you are! Look for your next clue in the fridge by the veggies!

SONY DSC Clue #4 … (In the produce drawer of the fridge) “Groundhogs eat lots of greens, fruits and vegetables and very little water. They get water from eating leaves. Try eating a vegetable like a groundhog! Then look on the scale in the bathroom.”

SONY DSC Clue #5 … (On the bathroom scale) “Groundhogs are about 20 inches long and weigh between 12 and 15 pounds. How much do you weigh? Look in the toy box.”

SONY DSC Clue #6 … (Near a noisy toy) “Groundhogs can whistle when they are alarmed. Can you whistle? Look by the bathroom sink.”


Clue #7 … (Near the soap) “Groundhogs are very clean animals. Insects don’t bother them and germs leave them alone because they are so clean! Can you clean your hands? Look on your bed for the next clue.”

SONY DSC Clue #8 … (On the bed) “Groundhogs hibernate. That means they sleep all winter long. Can you pretend to hibernate like a groundhog? *Look under the kitchen table for your next clue!”

*I changed this to under the kitchen sink as I wanted the “under the kitchen table” for my last clue!

SONY DSC Clue #9 … (under the kitchen sink) “On Groundhog’s Day, a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his burrow and looks around. If he sees his shadow he goes back inside for 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, then spring is coming early! Look under the couch cushions for your last clue!”

SONY DSC I must of forgot to take a picture of “Under the couch cushions”!!  Oops!

Clue #10 … (under kitchen table) “Congratulations, you found your treasure! Can you tell me two things you know about groundhogs?”


Here’s a few pictures of the kids running around the house looking for the next clue…it was super fun!


I picked up some adorable heart shaped gumball machines as the treasure and put a few little prizes in the bags they each decorated!!

Hope you have as much fun as we did with this super easy printable Groundhog’s Day Scavenger hunt!

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Groundhog Donuts

Groundhog Donuts

My son told me this morning “Mom, most people don’t celebrate Groundhog’s Day”! Well, I guess it’s time to start a new family tradition then! Here is what the kids and I made this morning for breakfast! They had a blast and it was super easy and quick (mama likes that)!

SONY DSC This is all you need to create these Punxsutawney Phil masterpieces!!!  Donuts for the dirt and hole!  Scooby snack graham crackers for the body (just trim off the bottom part), edible eyes (you could use whatever you have on hand…raisins, chocolate chips etc), mini chocolate chips for the nose & marshmallows ( cut) for the teeth!  Oh…also, I used peanut butter as the “glue” to make the eyes and nose stick to the graham cracker.  You could also use frosting or nutella!  I liked how the peanut butter matched the graham crackers and it camouflaged a bit!!  The marshmallows stuck good by themselves after I cut them to look like teeth!


When your groundhog’s are assembled just stick inside the hole of the donut and you are done!  Too cute and oh so yummy!  Enjoy!

Complete Phil's!

Now…gobble them up and Enjoy!

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