Valentine Treat Pouches

Vday Treat Pouches

It’s a cold February day with a lot of “I’m SO bored” coming out of my 5 & 4 year olds mouths…what to do, what to do!   I decided to search the good ol craft cupboards and see what we could come up with!  I luckily had all the supplies on hand to make something creative, now let’s see what we can come up with!  How about some Treat Pouches for the kiddos teachers for Valentine’s Day!  We created these as we went along so we had a few mistakes along the way and my kitchen looked like a tornado went through afterwards! In the end they turned out super cute, the kids even made one for themselves and decided to hang them on their door knobs and take a piece of candy out each day until Valentine’s Day (that idea they came up with all on their own…very clever)!

Here’s what you need!

  • Assorted Paper (we used two different pieces so each side was different)
  • Hole Punch (I have a heart one so that added a little extra touch)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon, yarn or twine
  • Candy
  • Optional decorations…stickers, labels, rhinestones, etc.

Valentine Treat Pouches

How to make the hearts: I took the 2 sheets of paper, aligned them and folded them in half. I free-handed the heart but to make it easier you could draw a half heart on one of the folded sides, then cut along the line.  Open the folded hearts and you have a heart!

Attaching the two hearts: Align the two hearts, make sure they are identical in size. Holding them together, take your hole punch and punch holes around the bottom of the heart. Be sure to leave the top open so you can put the candy inside when finished. Weave your ribbon through the holes, do not cut it until you know how much you would like to use. Leave a little slack on each side of the ribbon, tie the ribbon together at the top to form a hanger.

Optional Decorations: Since the kiddos will be giving these to their teachers, we decided to attach a decorative label on the front and I had some letter stickers tha we put on representing the first letter of the teachers last name. You can also add stickers, rhinestones, and other embellishments to pretty them up!

Once your treat pouches are done, stuff them with your favorite candy to give to teachers, friends, grandparents, classmates etc! We love how they turned out! The kids had so much fun making them and personalizing them!  I would suggest giving individually wrapped candies since the top of the pocket is open. What a fun and easy Valentine Craft to make with your kids!

Brook Vday Treat Pouch

Avery Vday Treat Pouches

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